SA Locked Down


We are living in interesting times. Who would have thought? Most of us have never seen the operations of soldiers patrolling the streets and ensuring people stay in their homes. South Africans in their numbers have never witnessed a war- yet here we are, in battle with corona virus.

As you will be locked in, please do remember that where two or three are gathered, God is there. Continue to fellowship with whoever you are with in the house. I was talking to my husband last night that we should have services. We have a keyboard, he will play, we will sing and share the word. Our spirit still needs feeding, and God did say to not give up the spirit of fellowship.

I will be posting daily devotionals on my Facebook page ( Tshidi Tseke – The Blog ). Feel free to follow if you are on Facebook. We should never stop praying, reading the word, worshiping and to fellowship.

May God bless and keep you until the plague has passed. You will come out alive. Only believe.

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