Part 2: Corona vs You – Compliance vs Conformation



There is a thin line between compliance and conforming. The Bible is clear that we should not conform to the standards of this world but to be transformed by the renewing of the mind. Renewal of the mind is a lengthy but important topic which will help you not to conform.

In my previous post, Corona vs You, the main aim was to encourage you to calm down and remember the promises of God in the midst of calamity. It is very important to remember and sustain the teachings of the Bible that build your faith. We live by faith. You don’t live by something you only use for 2 hours a month. It’s a daily need such as water and air. So, lets keep the faith and not stop trusting God for protection and healing.

Then is now a buzz over whether the church is conforming to the world by prohibiting gatherings of 100 plus due to the declarations of the president. Not every compliance is confirming to the world, otherwise we would just drive without licences or go to Ghana without a passport just because God said go ye into the world.

On the other hand, we have laws that are against our faith, such as in the time of Daniel when the head of state ordered them not to pray to their God. He gave a declaration just like our president did yesterday – but Daniel did not obey.

It is the duty of the church in this day and age to help people while being consistent with their teachings. We simply cannot forget all we have learned. Conforming to the world will be living in fear and spreading panic as everyone is doing.

The prohibition of 100 or more is not a closing down of churches neither is it saying fellowship should discontinue. God does say where two or three are gathered in my name I will be there. Let God give us the wisdom to see and know how we are going to navigate around this issue, without closing down churches and also exposing the weak to the virus .

Whether or not 100 people meet, everyone is exposed to the virus. Most of us still go to work. The virus doesn’t first count 100 people before it spreads. You can pass one stranger and catch it. The ultimate way to prevent it in your efforts is to stay in your house and never leave. Because that is unlikely now, you still have to believe in God for your protection anyway, practice as much hygiene as possible and follow the reccommended medical guideline. Only God can save you. Build your faith.


Rest in His peace.

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