You are no super hero

no supI spent a considerable amount of time in the past months reading up, no, browsing through past students’ dissertations as a way of assisting myself  with my current studies. At the beginning of every paper, there is a page set aside for dedications and acknowledgements; this is a common practice in most of the books you will read as well. People, that have been part of the journey of accomplishing the mountainous task of finishing a project, are praised and thanked although they probably did not type a single word but may have offered encouragement or emotional support.

I also watch stories whenever I get the chance to; movies, series, documentaries – you name it. In almost all the stories I watch, no matter how great a “starring”  (main character) can be, they always have assistance and help from the people around them, or even from strangers who offer key assistance at a critical time to enable them to accomplish what makes them… the “starring.”

Such is life. We all need help in one way or another and the most burdensome thing you can do to your mind, body and soul is to think or desire to do something big without any assistance. The Bible speaks of carrying each other’s burdens and two being better than one. The two being better than one doesn’t just apply to the sheets.  Joseph, in his roller-coaster victorious journey was assisted to get to where he basically led the entire country. Jesus in all his glory was assisted to carry the cross.  You can think of other examples both in the Bible times and perhaps in your own life too.

Relax, take the pressure off from yourself and accept help where it is needed. You will still succeed and you will still be doing God’s will in your life.

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