Words do have power…


I remember a visit from my colleagues from work after we lost our baby. Around that time we were getting  a number of visitors , as it is common from both our christian and African culture for people to see you during your time of loss. At times, such a time becomes awkward for both the person grieving and the one consoling as we really do not know what to say to each other. Nevertheless, my colleagues took turns in encouraging us during our time of grief.

One of them said, ” The Egyptians you see now, you will see no more.” When we give people words of encouragement, we can think that it is just a cliched or expected thing to do because something has to be said, but just like seeds scattered in the fields, you never know which one will be planted to grow. Those specific words were planted into my spirit and became an integral part of my second pregnancy with the twins.

The second pregnancy was a challenge against hope. Having had carried full term previously with zero complications, how did I know without a shadow of doubt that this time things will end well? I decided to hold onto that Word, What happened to me before, will not happen again- this time around I will hold a crying baby, in my case , babies.

This post carries a two fold message for you. The first is that, never give up on giving people words of encouragement, if anything, may God help you to always speak a word in season to the one you are comforting(Isaiah 50:4). The second word is almost similar to what i discussed in my post Little messages that go a long way and it is that we should always be open to hear when God speaks to us, because we never really know which seed we will need to harvest when the right time comes.

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