Corona Virus vs You.


One of the many things I love about being born again and a Bible believing Christian is that I have a hope and assurance inside of me about God’s protection that gives me peace and hope.

A few weeks back I was led to read Psalm 91. I had honestly not read it in such a long time that I had actually forgotten some of the promises it says. I remember reading it out loud in the car on our way back from a weekly prayer at church. I had intentionally read it because I was a bit fearful in those days and needed a godly perspective on things. I remembered Psalm 91. He who dwells in the secret place of the most High…

God, saves us from the fowler’s snare. He protects us with His FAITHFULNESS. Even though a pestilence, such as Corona virus may strike at night or by day, it shall not come near those who dwell in the secret place of the Most High. Even though a thousand fall from it, or ten thousand , it shall not touch you.

You can read the entire chapter if you wish but this is what I want to communicate. I have noticed a certain fear build up even in us Bible believing Christians with the outbreak of the virus. For most of us, especially in South Africa, we haven’t really experienced such a contagious strain. We have had listeriosis but then again we did our best to stay away from Polony. In other words, we relied mainly on our efforts to keep ourselves healthy. This one is different as the the germ can be in the air you breath. So, we are panicking. The media is also not helping.

What should we do? Should we not take precautions? Hey, wash your hands and cover your mouths when coughing – you should be doing this anyway. BUT- do not do this out of fear. Refuse to live in fear because you have been promised peace in the Bible, remember? The peace of God will guard your hearts and minds when you take all to Him in prayer and supplication?

“What if i still contact the virus and fall sick or even die?” Well, remember what the Hebrew boys said? Even if God will not deliver us , we will not bow. I always say, even if things don’t turn out well, at least I would have lived the days in peace, hope and happiness. Worrying and being fearful will not guarantee a good outcome anyway. So, relax. Pray. Wash your hands and trust God on His Word in Psalm 91

3 thoughts on “Corona Virus vs You.

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  1. Hey Tshidi,

    This one was specifically for me; I’ve been so scared since this virus broke out. I prayed and am still praying, spoke the word but deep down was still scared. I’ve never washed my hands as much as I have since the break of corona virus but I am confident in the word of God and the promises in it.

    Thank you for this one sis.

    God bless
    Tumi J.

  2. I am glad it helped. May Gods peace guard your heart as you focus oh Him. Remember faith comes from hearing the Word. Fear also comes through the same way, input of the things that bring fear

  3. Thanks 4 taking us back to the Word that never gets old. Really liberating.

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