Little messages that go a long way

stop worrying

A few days ago, I was reminded of a sign I once saw on my way from campus to my residence. I do not remember exactly what had me worked up that day; whether it was a failed test, a tough assignment or something in line with my academics. All I remember is that I was very burdened and worrisome. I got onto the student shuttle bus like any other day, took the window seat and gazed outside deep in thoughts for most of the journey home. At some point on the journey, I saw a stop sign. Someone had posted, “worrying” under the words, “stop”, so it read, “Stop Worrying.”  It was as though God Himself posted these because of the amount of peace that overwhelmed my mind and spirit. That little sign spoke to me.

I remembered this sign as we passed a billboard somewhere in Pretoria written something along the lines of, “Don’t worry, God holds your tomorrow Jeremiah 29:11” The main purpose of that board was to relay this message as whoever put it up did not write the name of the church or organisation. I am confident that one day, somehow, that board spoke to someone who was about to give in.

What little messages are you living out there on the trail of your journey? When someone is impressed into your spirit, that “I’m thinking of you” or “God loves you “can go a long way – never doubt that. On the other hand, are you open to seeing the messages God is sending you?  That one liner sandwiched inside the Pastor’s sermon? That catch phrase in a TV advert? God is always speaking, and when He does – may the ears and eyes of your heart be ready to receive.

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  1. I have seen God speak to me through “little messages” and I have learnt not to ignore them. Sometimes we are too bogged down with worry and we miss the heart of God concerning us. The truth is the heart of God is not locked up in the pages of a book, but hidden in the little things we ignore daily thinking “coincidence.” Thank you for sharing this…

  2. Thank you for your comment, Clement. That is true – He speaks in many ways. My pastor likes saying that sometimes you hear someone saying, ” I was about to go somewhere but something inside said….”, or maybe ” I had another thought to …” not realising the silent voice of God inside guiding us.

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