Part 2 : Are you saved?..uhmm from what exactly dude?

Part two : The good news J   …continued from Pat one.


The good news starts here. God in His loving mercy saw it fit not to destroy the entire race of man and start afresh but determined to continue His predestined plan (Eph 1:5) to form a new creation out of an already judged race. 


Why was Jesus born through the virgin birth? It definitely wasn’t so that He can be born where no sex was involved or in the most ‘holy’ way. I mean, a virgin today can go to a sperm clinic and get a sperm injection, and have a virgin birth, but they will not give birth to another Jesus.  The seed of the man carries the sinful nature, that’s why in Genesis 5 it says ADAM begat a son in his image, not EVE.


The seed of Jesus came from the Holy Ghost, God Himself. So He was without sin, hence the bible calls him, the second Adam (1Cor 15:47) because He, like Adam before the fall, did not have sin. So yay, we had someone on earth, who qualified to die on our behalf.  GOOD NEWS!


Jesus did three things at the end of His time on earth. In His crucifixion, He paid the penalty for our sins through death. In his burial, he shocked the devil, because now entered a man in the devil’s domain without sin as opposed to the men before, and He spoiled principalities (Col2:15) and had the devil’s jaw drop. That is why the bible says had they known these things they wouldn’t have crucified Him. (1Cor2:8). He also preached the gospel to those who died in their sinful nature before the Messiah came (1 Pet 3:18-20, 1 Pet4:6).  What a loving Christ. GOOD NEWS!


Now, His resurrection brought about the thing that made a difference: a newness of life (Rom 6:4). Bulls and lambs in the Old Testament could not change the people but could only cover the sins. Jesus’ resurrection made it possible for a change in nature of the people He died for; the change from a cat to a dog, as per my previous analogy. If He had not risen, we would have continued in our sinful nature though He paid for sins.[Selah]  That is why being born again has great emphasis on believing in the resurrection of Jesus Christ(Rom10:9), because it is in His resurrection, that we are, through faith , are risen with Him into a newness  of ZOE, the God kind of life


Now we understand why Paul said, “If any man (of the sinful Adamic race) is in Christ, He is a new creation. ”  It is not just in the forgiveness of past sins, but in a nature change, a new creation, the church, of which Christ is the head. How do we know that this new creation is different from Adam before his fall? Because the bible calls Jesus the LAST ADAM (1Cor15:45). This creation is not just made a little lower than the angels, but it has the Spirit of God Himself .That is why Jesus confidently said, ”Greater things you will do” {John 14:12} because He knew that what was coming was greater. Know yourself.


So, you are born of the Word of God Himself ,you are one with Him and you received this seed when you received the gospel and it quickened you (1 Pet 1:23-25, Col 2:13). This seed remains in you and the sinful nature has no power over you (1 Jn 3:9) except for what you allow.  Now we see why Jesus told Nicodemus and said “Marvel not that I say to you, YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN” John 3:7.


So son of God, go spread this seed, go preach the gospel because you have been given this ministry of reconciliation ( 2 Cor5:18) and go save the millions out there who have not received this life.


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