Motivated and equipped- The full package for execution by Kholo Mneno


by Kholo Mneno

II Peter 1:3
“…..His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness, through the knowledge of Him who called us by glory and virtue…”

In a very general sense: the two ingredients required for any successful endeavor are..
[1] Motivation and
[2] Equipment.

If there be ANYTHING to be done, one ought to be MOTIVATED (zealous, excited) to do it, and also, one ought to be EQUIPPED (tools, information, principles) to do it.
Now, we ought to take care not to act merely out of motivation (with zero equipment), for this is a formula for disappointment and failure. On the contrary, let us be deliberate to equip ourselves with the tools and information required to carry out our intended actions.

For example, if Johnny* is motivated and excited about driving a car, but not equipped with the information and tools required to drive a car………………someone better call an ambulance quick because Johnny might harm himself and other people!!

The point is…….it is good to be motivated , but being equipped it equally important. Life requires people who are equipped to make it.

It is so wonderful that God’s word does not only motivate us to excel in all things, but it also equips us with the required tools, information and principles required to excel!!

When God says, “Be fruitful and multiply; fill the earth and subdue it…”, to back up that word, He has set principles and guidelines in His word to equip us for such a life!!!
God can never motivate us for something He has not equipped us to do. Our duty is to search the WORD of God not only as a book that motivates us but also as one that equips us with principles and tools required for EVERYDAY living.
If you want to do anything, make sure you expose yourself to content/people that will equip you and not just motivate you.
SO what am I saying dear reader..? ……… I am saying, pray, research, plan, practice and be strategic so that you can equip yourself for a life of Dominion. Start off by hearing what God has said about what you want to do and equip yourself with His word and principles!!!

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God bless you

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