“Don’t be too spiritual, life is real”- they said

“We are real people, with real problems, on earth, stop being so spiritual and accept reality!!”  I used to say these statement a lot and have probably heard them more than I have heard testimonies in my life from the mouths of a lot born again Christians. There is another one,” Don’t blame me, I am human.”


These statements for me personally were a crutch or excuse to avoid living in the full promises of God, for as long as I gave such excuses and made my circumstances my reality I saw no victory in my life.  When someone tried to tell me to trust in God’s word and not look much at my circumstance I would tell them they too spiritual  and should know I’m in the real world here, hey wena.   The more I spent time with the Holy Spirit this began to bother me, and I asked myself… “How different am I then from a non believer???”  And I asked myself,” what is reality, and most importantly, what should be the reality of a believer? “

I began to learn about the Truth, and facts and how to see the two, and the Holy Spirit showed me examples in the bible and in real life. 

Jesus says He is the way, THE TRUTH, and the life. So the truth of believers is the Word of God.  There may be a lot of facts on earth, like a fact that your body is sick, a fact that you are broke as hell, a fact that whatever a fact maybe be, but what you deem as reality is what you allow to have a final say in your life and thus living according to it.


We are living in thenatural realm, yes, but the truth of God is a spiritual truth , as God Is Spirit and His Word Is Spirit and Life( John 6:63). So most of these facts we see are the natural things we see with our eyes. The Word that God has given us is a window into His spiritual truths that He wants us to live by, and when we accept those truths , and live by them, we will see them manifesting in the natural.


Elijah – Elijah heard a sound of a mighty rain (1 Kings 18:44) , even though the day was as sunny as it can be . Where did he hear it? In the spirit, and that for him was a spiritual truth.  He deemed the Truth (sound of rain) as his reality and he prepared for it through prayer… and behold it was manifested in the natural. Even though the servant kept on checking and not seeing any clouds , Elijah kept on praying because he knew in his spirit that the Word God gave him is Truth and cannot fail.


The examples in the bible are endless, Noah, having received a word lived as though a great flood was coming  even though the fact were otherwise, Abraham, the walls of Jericho, Elisha saw an army surrounding them though in the natural they were just two,  Jesus  was laughed off the street when he said the girl is just sleeping when everyone saw that she was dead…etc


The truth of God can change your current fact, but your fact can never change the Word of God. So yes, I am too spiritual, because my Father is a spiritual being and His Word is spirit, and being carnal doesn’t please God at all (Romans 8:7) So do I deny facts exit? Not at all, if my head is painful, it is painful, but my head would be living a lie, because I am healed by the stripes of Jesus, so I need to tell it to live the truth of God, because I esteem the truth of God above all the natural world can tell me.


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