Whose table are you serving ?

Most of us know the story of a man who had two dogs and would let them fight. People would bet which would win and he always knew which dog would win on a specific day. Someone asked the man how he knew which dog would win and he said, “It’s easy, the dog I feed is the dog that will win on that day “


This is just but a simple  reminder that whatever you feed the most, whether flesh or spirit will win, influence wise.  This is a something that applies to daily living.   Going to the gym 60 hours straight at the beginning of the year does not mean you will remain fit for the rest of the year.  Just because you ate today doesn’t mean you are sorted for the rest of the month. The fact that you took a shower this morning doesn’t mean you can tick off showering for the rest of the year.


It is important to maintain a daily habit of feeding our inner man, of talking to God and hearing from Him, on a daily base. This is not dessert that you can go months without having, or an option available for those eagerly spiritual Christians.  This is real food that you need for your own  growth. If you want to see yourself growing, impacting lives and walking in the purpose of God for your life, you need to spend time, invest in and feed your spirit. There is no way around it.


Why does it seem so difficult most times? I can tell you this; it is not difficult for your inner man, but for your flesh. No one ever wants to give away their influence without a fight, so does the flesh.  It would rather have you spend time watching countless useless things, speaking  carnal things and doing everything else that gratifies it but spend time  with God. Your spirit man can never deny the things of God. You decide who will win by deciding whose table you are going to serve.


For most of us , if God were to send us to do something today,  we would need to warm up first, build muscles first, eat first ,  clean our ears first to ensure we heard right and it always makes us feel like we need to put it off until such a time when we are “ready”. There is work to be done here on earth, we cannot afford to lose focus, we cannot afford to be swallowed up but the natural things of this world, and forget ourselves, we cannot afford to be weaklings. Power up and equip yourself for God’s use and growth, every day.



“This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and you shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh” – Gal 5:16




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