Till the bones become an army

It is often eas​y​ to have faith​ in God ​ for something when there is still hope (often tangible) that what you are trusting God for will come to pass. ​W​hat happens when all hope is removed? When the little girl in Mark 5:41 dies and you have no record of God ever resurrecting a promise back to life?

“Talitha cumi” Jesus said, meaning little girl rise. The girl was dead, but when THE WORD was released she rose up to life instantly. You may have experienced this in your life; where against all hope God came through instantly in a situation you had just pronounced dead.

​W​hat happens when the promise “stays dead” for longer than expected, and you, like Lazarus’ sisters​,​ have no record of God raising promises after a couple of days/months? All they had ever seen was Jesus raising people instantly. What do you do?​ ​

“ Lazurus, come out of the tombs”, Jesus screamed. (John11) Again, for some of us, we might have experienced this, where we kept the faith for a few days longer and the God turned things around.

​W​hat happens when the situation is so dead that there is no longer a stench of it because all the flesh has come off from the bones and ​the skeleton has lost its form? ​ Clearly such ought to be dead and buried right? Maybe God never meant for you to have that thing,right? ​But then ​He asks; “Son of man, Can these bones live?” (Eze 37)

Just like at the valley of the dry bones, God can resurrect what He promised you at the release of His Word and the move of His Spirit. His Word has a reputation of never coming back to Him void without accomplishing anything and His Spirit has a reputation of glorifying the Word. So if He said it, It shall sure come to pass. Keep holding on against all hope, because situations can never change the Word of God, but the Word can change situations. Keep at it, till the bones become the army.​

“Remember your promise to me;it is my only hope,Your promise revives me;it comforts me in all my troubles.”-Psalm 119:49-50

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  1. Yaaaa – yeeeessss, eeeeeng…!!!!!!!!! Greater is he that is lives in me than he that is in the world- amen sister.

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