The golden idol called Jehovah

“ …after he made it a molten calf: and they said, THESE BE THY GODS OH ISRAEL THAT BROUGHT THEE UP OUT OF THE LAND OF EGYPT”- Exodus 32:4

Notice they did not call the golden calf “ Kuharak who shall lead us from now onwards because the God who brought us from Eqypt failed us” But they said “This very idol, is the LORD. ”  The children of Israel knew that it was the Lord God who brought them out of Egypt, but they were not willing to go deeper as Moses did into knowing this God that they became impatient when Moses was TAKING LONG and they built “the Lord “in the form of a golden calf.

Why Idol? It was only after contact with foreign nations that the Israelites learnt the practice of idol worship, I can imagine that is what they saw in Egypt during the days of their slavery and because their heart was in Egypt, they formed ‘their God to be in the form of Egypt’s gods’.

Could it be, that today, some of us know of the true living God, but are not willing to seek Him and know Him for who He truly is? That we end up forming images of our own Christ and who we think He is based on the little knowledge we have from the information we get in the world? That we have formed a Christ that suits our pleasures and preferences and is influenced by the world we have passions for? Could it be that we have tired from deep fellowship with the Spirit of God that we settle for false spirits that do similar miracles but do not require holiness and still call their operation ”The move of the Spirit of God”?

Do we know this Christ that Paul said of Him , “ I count all things loss FOR THE EXCELLENCY (of good quality) of knowing Christ…I count them but dung that I may win Christ”(Phill 3:8)

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