I remember you too…



Stuck on what seemed like a Cape to Cairo train ride home, Thando whipped out her phone to pass time. She had been feeling a bit empty of late and distant from God. She decided to go through her emails in search of a devotion or any christian-ish article that would hopefully cheer her up.  She noticed an email from a Tshidi Tseke who had just sent out a blog titled, ” I remember you too” and she decided to read it.

_____________The days of sweet communion with Him seem like a distant memory. You were once there at some point in time; you can almost touch how it used to feel to be locked in your room, without a grain of distraction and just enjoy His presence and love.

“Those were the days”, you say in your heart because it seems as though what you once shared with Him may never be shared again – the days of fiery passion.  You remember Him. You remember how you used to simply  trust His words and live off every scripture that was fed to you. How reading the Word was your delight. You remember His presence, how He used to come through for you in the nick of time and answer those prayers not even your closest friend knew about. You remember Him – how songs about Him used to minister to the fibre of your spirit. You remember when going to church was a joy and not a drag, how sharing the gospel with someone else was your heart’s commission and not mission impossible.

And through the turmoil of life, changes that exposed you to different pleasures that fought for  your affection and attention, you found yourself drifting away in a slow fade, away from those sweet moments once shared.  Hurdles, disappointments, offences, tears and heartache- all sought to dampen the joys of His presence, to blur your heart from feeling it again.  It didn’t happen all at once, but today you find yourself grasping onto straws of memories of what used to be, not having a fresh experience. You find yourself fending for yourself, your heart on its feet, taking over and no longer resting in the all-powerful arms of This Beloved. Scriptures becoming negotiable and optional- maybe He will come through for me, maybe He won’t.

It is tiring, you know. That joy which the Bible says “In his presence there is fullness of joy”, that is the joy that used to be your strength,derived from His presence – and now, with all of these you find yourself tired. Well, He also remembers you. He also remembers the moments you used to spend and He longs for it – because you are His.  It is never too late to revive the times you used to spend in prayer and the earnest reading of the Word._____________

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